Triptych Services offer a number of remote access solutions suitable to different clinics and situations

Software Solutions


There are a variety of software options that allow you to access your computer remotely, which are the cheapest solutions available. However there are security issues with software solutions because while you are out using your office computer anyone in your office is able to see everything you’re doing without your knowledge. However the upside is that the speed is relatively fast as all that is being transferred over the internet is screen information .


Vitual Private Network or VPN Solution


VPN Solution requires both software and hardware to run. Utilising a “tunneling” protocol all information travels via the “tunnel” and is encrypted. This is a much more secure method of remote access, however your programs are open over the internet, increasing the likelihood of damage to your files. It also runs at internet speeds which can be very slow for some tasks. You need a copy of the application on your local computer to run this.

Terminal Services


Terminal services combine the best of both worlds. It is both a hardware and
a software solution. You remotely connect to a server which runs a virtual computer. You can print locally and all the work is stored on your office server. As only screen information is being passed backward and forward it is fast. Security is high as it runs over a VPN connection

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