Some of the services offered by Triptych Services 

If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us as this list does not include all our services

Established in 1993 Triptych Services specialises in finding computer solutions for all users regardless of size or type.

We are here to help anyone.

The range of services are very broad and include:

  • Mac expert

    • Advice about best systems

    • Installation

    • Configuration

    • Troubleshooting

    • On going support

    • Training

    • Software recommendations

  • Networking

    • Design

    • Install

    • Wired and wireless systems

    • Connect network devices

    • Maintain

  • Internet

    • Investigate

    • Install

    • Router configuration

    • Advanced setup

    • All types of internet

      • ADSL

      • SHDSL

      • Fibre

      • Wireless

      • Bonded

      • Fusion

      • Internet over Copper

  • Backup

    •  Network Attached System (NAS), specifically Synology

    • Desktop Attached System (DAS) 

    • Stand alone drives

    • Rack based systems such as sonnet

    • Cloud base systems

  • Synology 

    • Supply

    • Installation

    • Configuration.

  • Remote Access

    • Teamviewer

    • Thin Point

    • Aqua Connect

  • Voice over Internet Systems

  • Medical Program Support

    • Genie

    • ​Smartrooms​


Remote Access


-  Internet connection

  • Connecting internet services to your premises including ADSL, SHDSL, Fibre, NBN, Cable, Dialup, Wireless or any other broadband service.  This can also be achieved with a combination of services including Fusion.

  • Supply, configure and support routers, modems and modem routers.

  • Design, supply, install and configure wifi and/or ethernet networks.

-  URL creation

-  General problem solving

Internet Services

Triptych Services specialise in computer, network and internet support for medical practices running Genie and Smartrooms programs.

Genie and Smartrooms Support
  • Facebook Classic
  • Twitter Classic
  • Google Classic